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  1. Enviromental Technology Brief introduction
    Our great era of environmental protection
    Really you need to use mist containing formaldehyde coagulant it?

    In the process of spray paint waste products, a greater proportion of the product is organic two-component type, the main component of which debonder is formaldehyde polymer, while formaldehyde is very harmful to the human body a substance, June 2004 15 was included in the World Health Organization list of carcinogens. Many focus on physical and mental health of employees in the enterprise, this is not environmentally friendly products has been shut out. Nano materials as natural mineral water curtain paint shop debonder has become the first choice of people.
    The company relies on us for many years in the field of nano-materials research and the accumulation of minerals, has developed a new type of green mist coagulant. Compared with the chemical components of the product, the product has good debonding, the clear water, wide fields of application features, but also not affected by the use of PH value changes, no additional material added PH regulating agents, wastewater out After the clear water, paint residue floating tight fast, such as with the companies supporting the Cleaner equipment, is more convenient and saves time and effort.
    Mist coagulant dosage and paint features, system design, the amount of paint fell on the water cycle are relevant, but mainly off the paint volume. Usually the dosage of the test phase, the company professionals, will according to the actual situation and the effect of medication, most economic agents gradually adjust the dosage. Usually in the wastewater to add order to join the A agent B agent added. Circulating water treatment can be from March to June change the water once.
    Add the amount calculated on the basis:
    A mist coagulant agent: drop of paint (the amount of paint falling water) = 1: 10-1: 20; mist coagulant agent A: B agent added ratio of 1: 1 or so, it can be based on the type of waste water slightly Adjustment.

    Water treatment materials
    Mist coagulant

    Mist coagulant mainly used in the processing industries in the circulating water spray. It can capture into the circulating water through the paint, parcels and penetrate the paint drops, paint damage functional groups, to completely eliminate the sticky residue so that the paint is completely floating, and also make spray booth circulating water becomes clear, transparent , no smell, prolonged use without regular water changes, in addition, can also significantly reduce COD content in water, wastewater treatment costs can be significantly reduced. Its non-corrosive, does not clog pipes and systems, extend equipment life, saving maintenance costs. Especially bentonite is a natural mineral substances as a main component mist coagulant, with good effect, green, apply a wide range of features, is the new type of environmental treatment agents.


    A mist coagulant agent (bentonite category)

    B mist coagulant agents (polymer type)

    Reference picture


    Flowable gel-like pale yellow

    Colorless liquid can flow


    1.01±0.02 g/cm3

    0.99±0.02 g/cm3

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