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  1. Water Based Bentonite Brief introduction
    Water thickening rheological additives is after purified modified silicate clay (montmorillonite, attapulgite stone, sepiolite, white rice or rice yellow non-toxic tasteless, soft texture of the powder. In the water, the water has excellent swelling, colloidal dispersion, suspension, and good contact with the water. It is an excellent anti settling agent for the water system. As a water thickener, it also has good adsorption properties, ion exchange, non migration and adhesion, so it is widely used in the water dispersion system.
    Water soluble thickening agent can be used in water-based latex paint, to prevent sinking, suspension, emulsion stability and thixotropic effect. The compatibility of water thickening rheological agent and emulsion can promote the stability of the emulsion, which can be used in the emulsion system of acrylic emulsion, silicone acrylic emulsion and so on. And increasing water thickening rheological additives and most thickeners have synergistic effect, in the use of water thickening rheological additives, especially high viscosity water thickening rheological additives, can significantly reduce the amount of thickening agent.
    Water thickening rheological additives used in the field of daily chemical industry, mainly in the thickening, suspension and synergism effect. For example, the use of water in the fabric of compliance with the rheological additives, can effectively improve the softness of the fabric. Toothpaste used in water increased thickening rheological additives, can play a good thickening and thixotropic effect, also on the teeth has certain health effects. Cosmetic lotions, creams use water increased thickening rheological additives, can play a good thixotropic effect, also on the skin has protective effect on the isolation, in the mask using water thickening rheological additives, with good oil absorption oil control effect. Shampoo, conditioner in the use of water-based thickening rheological additives, can play a certain role in the protection of hair repair.
    Water thickening rheological additives used in the field of pesticides, pesticide suspension, sustained release.
    Water increased thickening rheological additives for cement mortar, putty system, thickening and thixotropic function, and has good coating anti splash effect.

    Type of additive for water thickening rheology

    Commodity grades

    Low viscosity water thickening rheological additives


    Medium viscosity water thickening rheological additives


    High viscosity water thickening rheological additives


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