Chinese New Year holidays from Jan 28th to Feb 7th
[ 2022-01-13]
Chinese New Year holidays from Jan 28th to Feb 7th, Zhejiang Fenghong New Material Co.,Ltd factory will be off during holidays. 

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is one of the most festive celebrations in Chinese culture. It is  also well celebrated in the world Chinese culture region. The celebration usually goes on 15 days and the preparations could start one month before the New Year Eve. It is actually start of the brand new year of Chinese lunar calendar, so the date varies from the west calendar each year. During the Spring Festival, families sit together for a big reunion; many traditional courses are served on the table. This is a great chance to get to see almost all decent Chinese tradition cuisine. Various preparations, decorations and celebrations are going on day by day all in order to sweep out the bad luck of last year and pray for a good fortune for the next year. 

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