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      Coating Wastewater Solution

      Coating wastewater mainly comes from the water spray operating area air in the wet coating room, paint mist in the air and organic solvent are transferred to the water thus forms the painting waste water. Wastewater contains a lot of paint particles; the water quality is determined by coating material and spraying environment. Coating wastewater has characteristics of various kinds, complicated composition, poor biodegradability, frequently changed discharge water quantity and water quality and irregular discharge characteristics.?Therefore, the waste water treatment has been a pretty difficult problem all the time. Processing scheme usually as follows,
      Biochemical method:?
      Biochemical treatment used in coating wastewater methods are anaerobic biological technology and anaerobic-aerobic biological technology.?According to the process of?organic matter?degradation, anaerobic biological technology is divided into three stages, hydrolysis, organic acid and methane production.?Aerobic biological technology is the harmful material in wastewater which degraded by aerobic microbial?under aerobic conditions, the end product is water and carbon dioxide.
      Aerobic biological technology also includes traditional activated sludge method, sequencing batch type activated sludge method (SBR) and membrane bioreactor (MBR), etc. The?investment?of biochemical coating wastewater treatment is huge, operation maintenance cost is high.
      Paint mist coagulant method

      Paint mist coagulant wastewater treatment involves two processes, namely the destruction process and flocculation process. Destruction means the process to let colloid destablize and gathered into micro-flocculate, particle diameter change to 0.1- 1.0 mm after destruction; this is easy to realize the solid-liquid separation. Paint process not only includes the colloid destablize, also includes paint debonding. The destruction process of solvent-based paint is mainly debonding; water-based paint destruction process is mainly destabilization. Destructed particle is processed by polymer compounds again, and then it condenses to form clusters and rise rapidly, which is beneficial for the artificial or slag machine salvage. Treated water can be recycled; paint mist coagulant method has good effect, simple operation, and low processing cost.
      The treated water can be recycled, mist coagulant method has good effect, simple operation, and the processing and low cost.

      Zhejiang FengHong New Material Co., LTD., relying on bentonite industry technical strength and rich nonmetallic mineral resources, the company successfully develops paint mist coagulant products?using bentonite as the main material. Compared with the other chemical products, it has the advantages of natural environmental protection, non-toxic effects, wide using range, and free from adjusting the PH value of water body. It has received?widespread requirements from cars, furniture, metals etc. industries.

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