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      Mycotoxin contamination: food growing - harvesting - storage - livestock feed, the entire process everywhere.

      Hong Kang Ling Feng mold - animal health partner

      Gastrointestinal health programs

      Animal gastrointestinal function is far not limited to digestion and absorption of nutrients, also including a wide range of exocrine, endocrine and immune function. Due to the importance of these features, the intestinal health has become an important foundation of livestock and poultry production performance and health.

      Livestock and poultry intestinal health is directly related to intestinal microecological balance. During the early born stage, intestinal?must quickly establish the structure of intestinal flora?that is mainly composed of beneficial microbes, and maintain it throughout the life cycle.?Pathogenic bacteria such as escherichia coli, fusobacterium, vibrio and salmonella pose a threat to animals in the early stage of intestinal health, also?having a negative effect?during the animal key physiological stage (e.g., refueling).

      The key point of modern animal nutrition is: through the best nutrient scheme, to maintain a healthy and stable intestinal flora and complete intestinal mucosa. This is the challenge faced by the animal nutrition. Using functional feed additives, maintaining intestinal health with via various options has become a necessary, and the demand is growing.

      Montmorillonite is a kind of gastrointestinal mucosa protectant.?It has obvious effect on?body endotoxin adsorbent, which can effectively protect the livestock and poultry intestinal health by proper feeding.

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